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Pronabolin claims to be a booster of the most important male hormone - testosterone. It is a relatively new product which producer promises to provide vitality, strength and stamina.

According to the manufacturer, Pronabolin can enhance both your sex drive and libido, boost your strength and overall performance. Pronabolin has been aggressively marketed as the best solution for those who experience problems with the testosterone levels, obesity, low immunity and other health problems which can be solved with the help of this product which has been created to improve your memory and increase energy level as well as diminish fat content of the body by acting as a booster of metabolism. The aim of this review is to find out if all these claims are true or just another scam.

Does It Have Any Side Effects

As you can see from the ingredients' list the formula of Pronabolin doesn't contain anything revolutionary if you compare with other supplement of today's market. Moreover, there are some ingredients that are possibly unsafe. If you don't want to take risks to experience such unwanted side effects as diarrhea, stomach upset, bloating, gas, nasal congestion, coughing, facial swelling, severe allergic reactions and other health problems, then it is better not to choose this product. This can be proved by those who have already tried Pronabolin and left their negative reviews.

"I have bought Pronabolin and used it till I didn't notice that I had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Moreover, it didn't work for me at all. I felt lack of energy as I did before. I can't recommend it as an effective supplement!"

"Pronabolin is just a scam! I can't recommend it as the efficient product because it is just a waste of money. The ingredients are ineffective. The producer claims too much and the supplement doesn't work as it claims!"

"I have used pronabolin hoping to increase my testosterone level because it is the most important male hormone which takes a significant role in many processes. But I felt some change for a very short-period of time. There wasn't a long-term effect of taking Pronabolin. I stopped taking it for several days and lost the effect of sexual drive and energy"